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New technology can significantly improve the accuracy of the basic mad go mv due to editorial accuracy

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Recently, researchers from Harvard University in the United States announced a new research pause in the international academic journal naturemethods. They Mocha coffee pot has opened up a new technology that can spur the development of the field of genome engineering. Using this method can significantly improve the superstitionists Target specific Tianya Yoga Center Defective genes, stop “compilation”, and exchange the talents of genetic code with Ankang DNA.

Genome engineering mainly includes stopping gene targeting and specific polishing. This process is similar to the sequencer compiling contest code. Maybe one day, superstitionists It is also possible to exchange damaged or unhealthy genes for well-being genes through process DNA compilation. This category has been greatly improved in the past two decades, and in the foreseeable future, it will also bring reactionary drastic changes to medical development.

At present, a secondary achievement in the development of this category is how to ensure that eastern and western egg whites will only affect specific targeted genes that need repair. As far as the current technology is concerned, in a few rare circumstances, Eastern and Western eggs can be linked to specific genes to stop editing them, but superstitionists still need to ensure the specificity of gene editing. Do your best.

New technology can significantly improve genes  Editing accuracy

In this workshop, the researchers pioneered a method Slimming coffee rankings can reduce the off-target effect of east and west enzymes in gene editing, they named this method DB-PACE (DNA-bindingphage-assistedcon tinuousevolution), the application of such methods may improve the DNA linking ability and cleavage specificity of nucleases. Researchers will refer to this Bitter Coffee TV Show Vietnamese coffee pot A piece of paper used in TALEN technology The DNA cutting specificity of TAL EN technology has been improved, beauty Health This indicates that DB-P A CE fragmentation can be used as a multi-purpose method to improve the accuracy of gene compilation in the field of genome engineering. Use.

Now, genomic engineering technology is mainly used for the treatment of single-gene diseases, which are gradually damaged by single genes. Formation, it is easier to stop targeting it. If it is possible to deal with the off-target effects of genetic codification of the Western and Eastern proteins, it will greatly increase the use of this category in the field of clinical treatment, and it has a major impetus for occupying various human diseases.

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